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Vein Treatment Options Arlington TXIt’s easy to know basic things about sicknesses you’ve had a million times, but if you have recently been diagnosed with venous reflux or think you may have this condition, you may not be quite as familiar with some of the symptoms. To help you as one of our patients at Atlas Vein Care feel more informed, we have created a list of two things you may not know about this disease.

It Darkens Your Skin

You want to have darker skin after you’ve spent a week laying on the beach in Mexico, but if your skin has suddenly started to darken on its own, then this may be a symptom of vein disease. In some patients who have venous reflux, they start to experience darkened, red/pink, brown, rust-colored, or even black skin on their feet, ankles, or legs. This skin discoloration is caused when the valves in the veins become weak, and the pressure increases, which causes the body to release a chemical called hemosiderin which basically stains the skin. If, you have noticed that your skin is darkening, schedule an appointment at our Atlas Vein Care office as soon as possible because if it’s left untreated, the condition can get worse and lead to serious medical conditions.

It Can Cause Leg Pain and Cramping

Your kids and grandkids may be a real pain in the neck— which is totally normal— but if you are experiencing pain in your legs, then you may be suffering from venous reflux. When the pressure in your veins increases because of venous reflux, it can restrict the flow of oxygen to the veins which in turn causes pain, cramping (charlie horses), and an overall discomfort.

Want to learn more about venous reflux or venous reflux treatment? Schedule an appointment at our Arlington office today: (817) 795-8346

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