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Are open leg sores disrupting your life?

Treatment is easier then you think

Do you have sores and wounds on your legs that just won’t heal?

Damaged veins in the legs allow blood to pool in the calf, ankle and foot instead of efficiently flowing back to the heart. This causes pressure to build in the surrounding vessels and tissues, preventing the flow of good oxygen and nutrition.

Over time, this starves and suffocates the skin and underlying tissue, causing it to begin to die. This can lead to an open skin ulcer, and can also prevent even simple injuries to the leg from healing normally. If the underlying cause, venous reflux, is not addressed this chronic, progressive disease process can greatly impact your quality of life.

Leg Ulcer Treatments

70-90% of all leg ulcers are venous ulcers, and more than half of venous ulcers treated by wound care professionals are actually a recurrence of previously treated leg ulcers. The underlying cause of these ulcers is usually Venous Reflux which, if not addressed properly, will prevent ulcers from healing and staying healed.

It is Atlas Vein Care policy that for all medical conditions, you will always be evaluated and treated by a doctor certified to treat vein problems in the legs.

 Leg Ulcer & Discoloration

Leg ulcer and discoloration before
Leg ulcer and discoloration 5 months after treatment
After (5 months after treatment)

*Individual results may vary

How we treat leg ulcers


Call us to schedule a consultation

We’ll establish a custom treatment plan that makes sense for you.


Come back for treatment

Our experienced doctor uses the latest technology and techniques to treat your legs.


Have healthier, better feeling legs

Get back to normal life without dangerous ulcers taking away your mobility.

It is important you get treatment for venous reflux

If left untreated, venous reflux can become chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and lead to skin issues on the legs such as open sores and ulcers, or wounds that won’t heal. This typically happens on the calf, ankle or foot and is a serious medical problem.

Looking for a great vein clinic?

We’d love to speak with you and see how we can help you get back to living your life. Keep in mind, the first appointment is just a consultation. We won’t push any treatments on you and there’s no commitment. The first meeting is all about getting to know you and making a plan that’ll get you looking and feeling better as quickly as possible.

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