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I always had clear and healthy skin even scars disappeared fast, then I noticed dark spots on my lower legs that did not go away with medicated creams. My physician referred me to Dr. Thomas E. Eidson. Ultra sound testing reviled damaged valves in the Veins causing the blood to pool. Dr. Eidson performed three procedures. A very friendly and pleasant doctor and staff, they all made this experience very easy and comfortable. Exactly as I was told, it was two hours a procedure. I immediately walked to my car after each visit. Two days later my legs went back to normal size and the itching stopped. Now it is two months the discoloration is shrinking away, my skin is gradually healing. My legs are not tiered from prolonged walking or sitting as before. I cannot thank Dr. Eidson enough and all the Staff at ATLAS VEIN CARE. I wish I had this done earlier.- Kawar

*Individual results may vary

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