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Shoes and Your VeinsIf you stand all day and have varicose veins, you know how painful it can get. However, because you likely can’t quit your job anytime soon, you’re going to have to find a way to stay comfortable while standing. From finding shoes with arch support to flexibility, this article will discuss a few things to look for when buying new shoes. Read on to learn more.

Arch support

One of the best ways to take care of your feet and veins when you stand all day is to find a shoe that provides you with enough arch support. By supporting the middle of your feet, arch support will help place an even amount of pressure on your feet without you having to rely too much on the heels or balls of your feet.


Insoles are basically pillows for your feet. Filled with gel or foam, custom-made insoles give your feet that extra bit of cushion they need when standing all day. And, the more cushion your feet have, the less stress they are going to place on your legs— alleviating the pain you may feel from your varicose veins in the process.


When it comes to high heels, wedges, and men’s’ dress shoes, they really don’t offer much flexibility. However, the more flexible a shoe is, the more it will contour to your foot— leaving you with the ability to stand all day long without having to experience much pain. When shopping for a shoe, make sure that it contours to your foot every time you take a step.

If you stand all day for a living, then you know just how important it can be to wear a comfortable shoe. However, you may not know that comfortable shoes can also help alleviate pain caused by varicose veins. By finding a pair of shoes that offers arch support, flexibility, and has insoles, you can feel more comfortable all day long. To learn more about how you can treat your varicose veins, contact Atlas Vein Care today!



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