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vein disease treatmentCan you even remember the last time you wore shorts or a skirt that showed off your legs? How about the last time you wore a pair of sandals that exposed your vein ridden feet? If you suffer from varicose veins, you not only know how uncomfortable they can be but you know how embarrassing they can be as well. Luckily, here at Atlas Vein Care we know the ins and outs of those pesky varicose veins and work to treat our patient s with the utmost care. However, in order for us to deliver you with the best results and care, you have to undergo different steps of treatments. From your initial consultation to your post follow-up appointment, this article will discuss all of the different phases of vein care that you can expect from Atlas Vein Care. Read on to learn more.

Initial Consultation
Your first visit with the experts at Atlas Vein Care will be during your initial consultation. This first appointment gives both us and you the opportunity to discuss problem areas and treatment options. During this appointment, your veins will be looked at and measured in order to determine the best solution to help treat them. Additionally, this appointment gives patients the ideal opportunity to be able to ask any questions.

Ultrasound Mapping
If you are deemed as having underlying saphenous vein reflux, then you will be encouraged to undergo ultrasound mapping. During this 1 hour, non-invasive ultrasound procedure, the doctor will look at your veins in order to determine a pattern for the size, growth, and shape of the veins and create a map in order to be able to track them further down the line.

Treatment Plan
After either your initial consultation or your ultrasound mapping procedure, you will work with one of our doctors in order to create a treatment plan for you. Treatment options may be as minimal as changing your diet and exercise routine all the way up to undergoing a surgical procedure in order to completely remove or collapse your varicose veins.

If you have varicose veins and would like to learn more about the treatment options that we offer at Atlas Vein Care, contact our office today!

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