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When most people think of the symptoms of vein disease, they think of having large, swollen, throbbing, aching veins on their legs and feet. And although those are, in fact, some of the most common symptoms of vein disease, they certainly aren’t the only ones. In fact, one symptom that many patients are surprised to learn about is skin changes with their vein disease. So, what skin changes can happen and how do they occur? Let’s take a closer look!

What Skin Changes Will I See?

If left untreated, venous reflux can lead to some serious skin and skin tissue problems primarily around the foot, ankle, and calf. Early signs of skin issues in patients with venous reflux include dry, cracked, and flaky skin. Most commonly, the skin can start to look shiny, be sensitive to pressure or touch, and feel really tight. Whereas, other patients experience thick, rough skin that resembles that of an elephant or alligator. Regardless of the symptoms you have, these are all signs that you may have an underlying and more severe issue.

How Does It Happen?

One of the biggest questions patients have about venous reflux and skin changes is how it happens in the first place. When left untreated, vein disease causes pressure to build up in the leg and feet which results in the blood pooling instead of pumping to the heart. When there is too much pressure, there is a lack of oxygen and nutrients in the skin which causes the skin tissue to die. When your skin tissue starts deteriorating, your chance of developing an open wound also increases.

What Can I Do?

Here at Atlas Vein Care, we speak the language of veins which means that we can help treat your venous reflux at any stage of the disease. If you have venous reflux and are also suffering from these symptoms, make sure to contact our office right away. Remember that just like with any diseases, it’s easier to treat it at the earlier stage.

To learn more about venous reflux and venous reflux treatments, schedule an appointment at our Arlington office today and call us at (817) 795-8346.

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